Get your very own flipbook.

Your best memories in a durable book!

What is a flipbook?

A flip book or flipbook is a book with a series of images that  gradually change from one page to the consecutive one. Whenever the pages are viewed in rapidly, the images appear to animate by simulating motion/movement. Often, flipbooks are books created/elaborated for children, but they are also useful for social events like weddings, presentation of new product, or even creating a memory for your beloved ones.

Flipbook Ideas

There are many ways and means to make a flipbook, but the most important thing is the idea of what we want to capture in our animated book.

Here you can find a list of possible ideas that can help you decide which one to do:

1. Flipbook for children– Perfect for that occasion when your daughter starts to walk!
2. Flipbook for school – You want to teach something fun and educational to your students. Flipbooks have a lot of history! 3. Sports FlipBook – Your Soccer Team’s Favorite Goal
4.Wedding Flipbook – Great for keeping a memory of the most important day of your life.
5.Flipbook for company events – It can help you promote a product in the market
6.Flipbook for birthdays, commemorations … – Who does not want to remember that beautiful moment forever.

Tips to make a flipbook

Duration – The video should be about 15 seconds long for your flipbook, flipbook or flipping book to be perfect. A longer or shorter video can cause the action that happens in the video to not be appreciated. Our team will advise you if we notice that the video is not suitable for printing the flipbook or we could even correct it to give it the proper format.

Video content – Motion is what great flipbooks do. Make sure there is motion in the video so that its effect will come through later when printed and edited. It is important that the video is shot closely, but not too closely! A video shot from afar will not be as interesting as a close-up video, keep that in mind!

 Flipbooks for children, for sports, for events, weddings… .. flipbooks where the color change is striking .. for example. Here you have some flipbook that you might like and give you some idea on how to make your flipbook.

Video Recording and focus – Important, always record your video in landscape format. Focus on the subject or person performing the action on the right side of the video – this is because the right side of the flipbook is the most visible, and the left side is the least visible (inside of the moving book). The recording ratio of the video should be 4: 3 instead of 16: 9. This will make the image perfectly fit into the book once it is printed. Apple Iphone generally records in that format but it depends on the application with which it is recorded. Most applications and phones allow you to record in 4: 3 format. but keep that in mind.

Light – Natural light is the best to illuminate your videos. Indoor videos, unless you have a mid-range camera shooting high, will not be of very good quality due to the light. Try not to record against the light unless you have express purposes to do so. I recommend doing the video at noon to avoid strange effects in our booklet.

Colors – Colors will be very important too. A video with very dark colors can make movement not noticeable and there is no contrast which will make our flipbook not display correctly. For example, many dark colors, black, gray, brown … are not recommended. But for example, black and white can be a good combination for your flip book.

Check out our work

Our spanish colleagues from have made some interesting ones. Checkout out their work and website if you want support in Spanish.

The first steps of yur kids is a great moment to cap

A nice video is to get your kids in motion in the beach! 

Your amazing wedding will be remembered for ever with this  flipbook.

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